Processor Speculated Execution Vulnerabilities in NetApp Products

It is likely you have seen recently in the press a number of articles relating to the newly disclosed "Spectre" and "Meltdown" CPU vulnerabilities. As a valued customer of both Xpanse and NetApp, we are sending you this alert to inform you that NetApp have released their own advisory regarding this issue and its impact on NetApp's products.

Date of Advisory: 09-Jan-2018 (Last Update)
Details of Advisory:

  • ONTAP - Unlike a general-purpose operating system, ONTAP does not provide mechanisms for non-administrative users to run third-party code. Due to this behaviour, ONTAP is not affected by either the Spectre or Meltdown attacks.

For more details on NetApp's other hardware and software platforms, as well as more detailed information from NetApp regarding this issue, please refer to NetApp's published advisory.

NTAP-20180104-0001 - Processor Speculated Execution Vulnerabilities in NetApp Products

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